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Thread: Video FX on multiple clips?

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    Default Video FX on multiple clips?

    Hi! I've got a problem that I can't find a solution to how hard I try.
    I guess you guys have an answer!

    Let's say I have a project with 10 clips. I'd like to apply the same Video FX, for instance "Film Effects" with the 'Circa 1908' preset to them all. Okay, so I know I can select all clips in the Project Media window (or the tracks in the edit window).

    But let's say I finish the editing phase and suddenly feel that 'Circa 1980' would be more appropriate on all the clips. If I try to drop this preset on all the clips, the clips get both 'Circa 1908' AND 'Circa 1980', which ends up in a pretty strange result. How do I apply a new preset to all clips (thus discarding the old settings)?
    Is it possible?

    The "Film Effects" are just an example.
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    Are we using Vegas or Ulead here moneus?

    You could move all your clips onto a single track and then apply the fx to the whole track rather than the individual clips.

    Then when you edit the fx, they'll change for every clip on that track.

    This way you can add, remove or replace fx in one go.

    In Vegas, i believe the track level fx are accessed from the fx icon next to the track title. I can't remember how to do this in Movie Studio, it's been a long time since I used it.


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    Now this is somewhat embarrassing. That track FX utensil haven't crossed my mind before! So easy! Thank you so much, you've saved my night(s)!!!

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