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Thread: Struggling to find decent spec camcorder

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    Question Struggling to find decent spec camcorder

    I make little guitar review video's and it's time to upgrade so I can provide my viewers with a better sound experience. I have a little Sony HC24 miniDV at the moment and it lacks an external microphone input.

    I have been looking for a new replacement but have been disappointed to find that most have no mic input and those that did, had no firewire output. Just to explain, I normally use the camera linked up to the PC and record directly to the PC. I have now conquered the sound issue and been able to use my 16 track multitracker to input the mic and instrument whilst using video only from the camera. I knocked out the audio using my Sony Vegas program.

    The issue is that, I want to go mobile and to bring my multitracker along would be daft. I have found a JVC GZHD3 that has both firewire and ext mic but at £600 it's a bit expensive.

    Any idea's for a camcorder that does the job?

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    Have a look at canon HV20 OR HV30 and let me know what did you think about that, I have one .

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    I found a brand new, in box Canon MV901 which does it all.


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    Great than, good editings .
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    Are you sure it has a socket for an external mic? I just did a quick look for it and can't see a socket for an ext mic listed on the spec sheet in any of the sites I visited.

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    OK, I know I have made loads of posts recently about this camera (Honestly, I don't work for samsung!)
    SAMSUNG's Digital World - Miniket | VP-X300L

    Now it doesn't actually list external mic, *BUT* the external lens has a mic on it and one of the connectors for the external lens is a 3.5mm headphone jack which in the manual says can be used as a headphone socket.

    The 3.5mm jack has 4 rings on it whereas a normal heaphone jack has 3, so I guess the extra one is the mic line, however I would imagine it is mono so it may not be any good for you, and it records to divx, so maybe it would not be good for audiophiles - However it does operate as a webcam so you could maybe just use it like that.

    Also, there may be mileage in the external lens as it makes it easy to place the lens in one place and the screen in another so you can see what you are filming (if you do it by yourself without a cameraman). Also it spits out divx, so you could maybe even avoid having to render for web delivery (if that's what you do)
    Be aware though that the external lens uses the headphone jack so you couldn't use both together.

    A lot cheaper than £600 though :P
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