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    Default Sony's Chroma key

    Hi guys, I have tried to chroma key in Vegas many times, using different footages.

    It produces relatively OK (but still far from perfect) results ONLY if the footage is in extreme top quality and the green/blue screen is perfectly lit.

    In all other cases, the inbuilt Chromakey filter in Vegas leaves a visible and well pronounced halo around the object that is hard to get rid of without completely screwing up the footage.
    I have chroma-keyed bad video in After Effects with great results but I can't chroma key rather decent footage in Vegas without the halo thing going on and without affecting the object's color as well.

    1. I am looking for a good chroma key plugin for Sony Vegas. Something that is better than the inbuilt keyer and something that can key out medium quality footage. A Keylight substitute for Vegas.

    2. Also, is there a matte choker effect in Sony Vegas? If not, are there any plugins for Vegas that can do that?


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    Have you tried using the Secondary Colour Corrector, that may be better, select the colour and use that to matte the object.

    A tutorial here
    Sony Creative Software - Solving tough keying problems in Vegas software

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    Thanks, I have tried this and also several other tricks.
    The results are better but still far from good.
    Is there a plugin for Vegas that can do what Keylight for After Effects does (miracles)?

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