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Thread: Sluggish Footage Above 30fps - ???

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    Default Sluggish Footage Above 30fps - ???

    Hey Guys

    I have another thread here in which we have been trying to track down a problem, however i think i may have now found the issue and am asking you guys for your opinions/advice if at all possible please?

    Any footage which i have taken from my Sanyo Xacti HD1000 which was shot above 30fps i am having problems with. the footage is very sluggish. the audio is perfect, just the visual which is causing the hassel.

    In an attempt to track down the problem, i decided to change the settings on my camera, from the current FULL-HD 1920x1080 60 fields/s down to HD SHQ 1280x720 30FPS SHQ. This time it came out perfectly.

    There are two modes im having problems with. Sound works fine, the video is sluggish and lagging behind the sound.

    FULL-HD 1920x1080 60 fields/s

    HD-HR 1280x720 60F fps hr

    So it looks like anything shot in 60FPS is what currently isnt working properly. Is this a problem with the computer, or the camera please? The footage works perfectly when played on a tv through the camera. this issue is just when on the computer. How can i solve this issue? Any advice is very much appreciated.

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    can nobody advise or help me with this?

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