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Thread: JPEG is out of focus.

  1. Default JPEG is out of focus.

    I built a family tree using MyHeritage but could find no way to export it to Pinnacle so I used a screen grab. The problem was that when I imported it to Pinnacle it was out of focuss. I then downloaded an Open Office sort of Power Point and built another family tree which I saved as a JPEG the pronblem is that when I opened it on its own it was crystal clear in focus but when I imported it into Pinnacle there it was again, out of focus.
    Any ideas please?

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    I'm having this same problem with .jpeg photos while editing in Pinnacle Studios 12.

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    It's losing sharpness as a result of re-sizing. Adjust this in a bitmap editor first to the settings in the video editor, adjusting sharpness as required, before importing. Also make no judgements from preview screens, only from test renders.

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