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Thread: an editing software that could edit just about any format???

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    Default an editing software that could edit just about any format???

    right now im using WMM and Adobe premier pro. sure, after a few days of searching, i have found a way to edit directly to .VOB files (from my camcorder) using Adobe, but now i have a prob coz Adobe cant accept the videos(.avi!!!) i took using my camera. so now i have to change the format of that one. usually the quality will go down, and if it doesnt, i have to find the one that Adobe can accept.

    im getting sick with all this accept and cant accept, converting and search for the right value to convert plus it doesnt guarantee that adobe can accept it.

    so, my fellow friends in this video editing forum,

    would you please share with me your knowledge on what editing software that can play most video formats so that i dont have to go through hook and crook just so that i can edit them.

    thank you in advance..

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    Whilst I am all too aware myself of the limitations and problems of an amateur movie maker (self taught hobbyist myself), I think you are possibly directing your fustrations at PPro needlessly. The likelihood is that it is sod all to do with PPro.

    Let me cite an example.

    I own a Samsung VP-X300L which shoots as divx compatible AVI. *However* AVI files have a "fourcc" code - this is a four character sequence similar in concept to a file extension (eg .doc) in windows - it tells programs opening it what codec to use to decompress it. AVIs spat out by my samsung have the fourcc "SEDG" when the fourcc for DivX is "DIVX". If I try and edit one of the AVIs in premiere, it will not load it.
    If you use a program capable of changing the fourcc (such as avic or abcAVI) and change it from SEDG to DIVX, then suddenly PPro can edit the file. No recompression or conversion has been done, you just changed 4 letters in the AVI which told Premiere to use a different decompressor.

    This happens a lot with MPEG4. There are various encoders that create files compatible with any of the decoders. EG you can encode with xvid and set the fourcc as DIVX so it decodes with divx

    It is also worth noting that in my example, when the FOURCC was SEDG, I *was* able to edit the file in windows movie maker. From what I can understand, this is because different codecs can be compatible with different editing modes. In PPro, for example, when you make a new project, you can chose the editing mode. One of them is "Video For Windows", I think the other is "Desktop"? The reason this happened was because the SEDG codec did not support the mode premiere used but did support the mode WMM used. Thinking about it, it may be worth starting a new PPro project and changing this option from the default to see if it solves the problem for you.

    So, do this: Download avic and open one of the AVIs. What is the FOURCC?

    Also, what is the camera?

    Failing that, try posting up an AVI from the camera and I will see what I can do. I do *not* mean post it on youtube, I would need a copy of an unmolested AVI from the camera - use rapidshare or something.
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    Discussion already too technical for me.

    Please post your camera make and model.

    If, for example, your camcorder is writing miniDV format to its' tape then with a DV output cable connected to your PCs firewire input you should get a good avi quality transfer to your hard drive.

    At that point most any editing program should support and recognize and open your avi captured file in its' workspace for either eiting or just rendering to whatever file type/format you need.

    A free transcoder utility called mediacoder is very powerful and I have yet to find a file that it won't recognize and single step transcode to whatever I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADE1Y View Post
    Adobe cant accept the videos(.avi!!!)
    This part of his post leads me to believe he has a solid state camcorder that records straight to AVI on an SD card or something. Ignore most of my post if this is not the case...

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