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Thread: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Update

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    Default Windows XP Service Pack 2 Update

    Anyone been brave enough to risk updating to SP2? How did it go for you?

    I've installed SP2 on a fresh install of XP home on my HTPC and the *only* application it uses didn't work until I googled for an update

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    If your gonna use SP2, id suggest slipstreaming it into ur xp cd and doina clean here
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    Marc: according to Adobe, SP2 plays hell with its help files for Premiere, Encore etc. See here:

    "Security warnings occur or no results are returned when you open or search Help (Adobe applications on Windows XP with Service Pack 2).

    By default, Windows XP Service Pack 2 blocks frames in HTML files as a security precaution, even in files stored locally on the computer, such as the HTML Help files used by most Adobe applications. The Adobe Help files pose no security risk. This problem occurs in all Adobe applications under Windows XP with Service Pack 2, except for those that don't use a browser to display Help files. The Adobe Acrobat family of products (including Acrobat Capture, Adobe Acrobat, and Acrobat server products) aren't affected by this issue."

    There are workrounds, but none of them particularly elegant. Cheers, Ian
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    Which is why SP2 won't be going near my editing rig for the time being (although the lack of help files don't really worry me too much). What is worrying is that as I have XP pro with automatic updates, I was this close to just installing it without thinking (it doesn't make it particulaly clear). Kinda annoying now as I have an icon in the systray demanding I install it

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    I heard its incompatible/causes problems with a load of games too. I'll give it a few months for MS to iron out any problems b4 I consider it.

    If you use a firewall and antivirus etc I'd imagine the security issues that SP2 fixes are not to much of a problem, after all youve survived this long without em!


    ps Marc..why dont you disable auto-updates? A useless feature if you can remember to check manually every now and again.

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    But a fantastic feature if you always forget to check for updates

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