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    Hi All
    This might sound a little basic to you here, but I have to put on some ents for a bbq here in late August. We are gonna get a 42" plasma screen ( for the family..not just for this) which can be hung on the side of the house. It's gonna be an ';60,'70 R&b event which I have plenty of material for but all previously just played thro audio. Ok...what do you realy want?...have ancient video clips in various problem, but I have a copy of Easy Rider (avi) ..I would love to cut it and edit it (no prob with Win Moviemaker) but how to dub the sound? For example the classic 'Born to be Wild' is much shortened on the play the clip plus extra from elseware in the movie and overlay the audio with the original full Steppenwolf track, hope you understand what I am asking (don't think I do most of the time). So I would love your advice on video editing software which includes some kind of audio either dubbing or file merging I guess.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    With a NLE software you can do that, just overlay audio tracks,remove or merge them, it's your choice, at least cs3,vegas e final cut will do that .

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