I am wondering if anybody out there an help me with a problem I have. I have an original DVRaptor which I have used successfully since I bought it. The last time I used it was about a couple of years ago on a different computer.

My problem is that when I use RaptorVideo the analogue preview screen goes black when I switch on my camcorder, it remains black when the camcorder is playing. However, If I move the window around whilst the video is playing with my mouse pointer I can see the video playing, as soon as I stop moving it the last frame remains in the preview window as a still. It does record video Ok, I just can't see what recording!!

This happens both on SVHS and composite, I am using the latest driver and software, I have reinstalled about half a dozen times, I have installed it all in the order recommended. The Raptor overlay test is good. The Raptor has IRQ11.
I am using a Sapphire Radeon X1600XT with the latest drivers. Firewire control works fine, I am using XP.

I know its an old card but it suits my needs and was excellent when I used it last, can anybody shed any light? Or can anybody suggest a forum where I maybe able to get an answer? Thanks