Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help me on a couple of issues I am having. Have been using Vegas for a while but I have just taken on a project using multiple audio feeds.

I have edited a church service for a client which captured footage in DV format. The audio was captured mainly from a radio mic which was clipped to the main guest speaker. The guest speaker was not the only one speaking however the radio mic has done a good job picking up the other speakers. This is my first real edit with a radio mic and there are a couple of periods where I have edited in Vegas due to sound problems. I have managed to edit to have good audio quality throughout the project by switching between the left and right audio channels in the audio track.

Have rendered the project and made a DVD through architect all OK.

The problems I have:

1) When I play the DVD in a DVD player some portions of the audio are not playing, however when the final rendered piece plays on the PC it is all OK. The DVD player I am using to test is a very basic one and everything normally works fine just seem to have an issue with the audio on this particular project.

One thing I have noticed is that different audio is detected depending which audio output I have plugged on the TV (most work on Audio output R) but some v.v. Is it a simple thing that I just need to have some other config with my wires and DVD player or is it something that needs to be dome before the project is rendered?

I have tried previewing the project on other DVD player's which brings me on to my second issue:

2) Not all DVD players like my DVD's when completed through Vegas and Architect. The smallest and simplest DVD player I have will play my DVD's fine but I have another just normal DVD player (Thompson I think) and also a couple of players which are also recorders but none of these other machines play my DVD's they just say READING or LOADING and stay like it forever. Funny it is the simplest and cheapest player that seems to be fine? Is there anything I am doing wrong hear?? It is also strange that I have never had a problem with a client having any issues playing them on there own DVD players?

Anyone offer any advice ?