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Thread: DVD ARchitect 3...please help

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    Default DVD ARchitect 3...please help

    I am having problems with this program....

    Is there a way for me to add a video track to the DVD and keep it within the safe zones?

    My Video tracks are always cut off when I play them on my TV...

    I am a any help would work

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    First off, make sure your DVDA Project parameters are set to your media you are bringing in. This SHOULD ensure that you are dealing with the correct content FOR that project. This will also make sure the correct format is being recognised by your DVD player - yeah?

    So, what are the format properties of the media and what are the settings of your DVDA Project?


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    the DVDa settings are NTSC 720x480

    the media i'm bringin in is....

    total bitrate 2041kbps
    framrate 30

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    Well, it would appear that your Media settings match your DVDA settings.

    Do you have an NTSC DVD and TV? Or are you in PAL-land?


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    NTSC land....

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    OK, that's that outta the way.

    What is your capture and edit workflow? Meaning what you SEE in your viewfinder is what will be eventually seen on your telly.

    What you/I/we see within an edit program is the overscan, which lays within the external safe areas. So what I'm guessing is that what YOU see within the edit is MORE than what you see on your tv. Yes? But THAT was what you framed and shot to. The fact you can SEE extra in the edit, you are looking at this extra or underscan areas too.

    So, what you framed while shooting is what you will end up with. You want more than that, zoom out. But once you again get to the edit deck you will AGAIN see extra - the underscan in the external to the safe areas.

    In Vegas I can SEE the safe areas overlay. Now, is it that you are NOT seeing what you captured? Is TIHS what you are saying?


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