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Thread: problems with preview monitor flicker

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    Default problems with preview monitor flicker


    I am new to video editing. I am trying to compile a movie using videos and images into a presentation.

    When I was using my laptop Windows Movie Maker worked just fine....However my friend built me a new computer and he knows nothing of video editing.


    When I am making the video....after I apply te transition the playback flickers. It only does this during the transition though, and only during the preview. When I publish the movie....that flicker is gone. As you all may know....It is very difficult to make a movie if the preview isn't working....

    The problem doesn't seem to be confined to just the Movie Maker program...The transitions also flicker when I use Premiere and Vegas....

    Can anyone please help me before I go insane?

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    What you're actually seeing when you view the preview monitor is a fairly low quality example of the final rendered video. It could be that your graphics card, processor or memory is struggling to keep up with what's going on. It's not unusual for preview monitors to flicker or have unsteady playback. I used to have an Intel Celeron 1.8 which did this all the time when using Premiere Pro. With some editing software you can render the video and effects as you go, but I don't think Movie Maker has this option.

    If it's a memory issue, you could possibly assign more memory to the graphics card to try and eliminate this, if there's an option in the computer bios which allows this.

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    its not just with windows ovie maker

    i am having this problem with all my preview monitors.....

    how would i revert memory?,,,,

    i am a complete noob,.... and don't know much about comps

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    When using Premiere, does it still do this even if you render the project before viewing it in the preview monitor ? (sequence, render work area).

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    yes it does...

    but only when i play it through the program monitor

    when i play the same file throught the source monitor it does not flicker

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    i just imported that file to windows movie maker to make it a .wmv filetype and it didn't flicker...

    is it someway that premier reads .mpg files?

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    Put simply, yes. Premiere doesn't natively deal with files that don't conform to standards (DV, HDV).

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