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Thread: Problem with quality/flickering when making a movie...

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    Default Problem with quality/flickering when making a movie...

    Hi All...!

    I'm preaty new to editing and general Premiere/AfterFX CS3 so please don't flame me with n00b etc ^^

    I'm working on my curent project which is recorded in DV PAL. The finished movie will be played on the PC only (webpage). So im exporting a project to an *.AVI format, but there is a thing... in some parts the clips are speed up/down and during those clips You can see a small flickering on the very top of the screen. I think It's deffinsitly smth with interlece but dunno how can i export it (with what options) to get the best quality results.

    Any ideas?


    PS - is my PC really TO slow for afterFX cs3 ? Athlon X2 4400, 2gb ddr2; gF6800GTS; winXP sp2;

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    I'm not sure why the top of the screen flickers. I've noticed the same thing in PP 1.5 after applying certain effects. The only way I've found to get rid of this is to click on the preview monitor and expand the clip very slightly so it crops the outer edge off the image.

    If you want video for web pages, a smaller file size than AVI can be achieved by exporting it as WMV. I don't know the exact procedure on your version of Premiere, but if you sellect Adobe Media Enoder you should see various options, including various Windows Media Video quality settings.

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