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Thread: Speeding up video with music?

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    Default Speeding up video with music?

    Hey everyone, i've been fiddling with sony Sony Vegas Pro 8.0b (Build 217).

    I'm trying to make a vid with some music on. Basically, i want to speed up my vid by double (x2) with a few music tracks on.

    So far i've sped the video up by double and added the music tracks but when i render the video, the music also comes out twice as fast so it sounds like a pair of chipmunks singing.

    Is there a way to slow down the music but also speeding up the video at the same time?

    Thanks in advance, James.

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    You need to make sure the audio and video are not linked, so when you stretch the video the audio remains the same. You can sue the Velocity Envelope to speed up the video, right click on the clip in question go to Envelopes and select Velocity, then a line should appear on the clip, you can push the line to speed and and down to slow down, if you right click the key frame on the left of the clip you can set it more accurately ( and some options)

    You can also hold the right side of the clp and while holding the SHIFT key you can streetch the clip, but if the audio is linked the audio will aslo speed up...

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    When I "stretch" a clip it goes slower. If I "squeeze" a clip it gets faster.

    Now, you can "squeeze" a clip to make it go faster and STILL retain the pitch of the singer/speaker/Voice over. So when you say chipmunk do you mean "pitch" or actual speed of the audio? I'm asking 'cos something DOES have to give when "squeezing" or adding a velocity Envelope: EITHER the audio has to increase in pitch OR speed OR both, to "fit" with the Video portion. However, and I did read 4 times your post, you speak of "adding" audio AFTER the video is in place? How did you do that? And why? And then you ask how to slow down the Audio but also speeding up the Video?

    I am really confused.


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    From the SONY Online-Help, the key combo to use is the CONTROL+Drag. Holding down the SHIFT key does nothing for me. I would think Cheema did mean the Control key? Of course he may well have remapped his keyboard just for this one key-combo?


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