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Thread: Problems rendering WMV's.

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    Default Problems rendering WMV's.

    Hi guys,

    I've been using Sony Vegas 7.0 without any major problems for a while now.
    I've successfully rendered a few WMV's, but now I want to render a relatively longer one (5 mins).

    I've noticed that when Vegas creates WMV's, it reneders the whole video and then goes through the video a second time. I presume it is verifying the render or something.

    With this longer video, it takes Vegas a good solid hour to render it, but then it just stops at 51% progress. Vegas seems unable to go through the video a second time.

    I'm making this video from very large clips taken with FRAPS (clips are well over 1gig each despite being only a few seconds long) and maybe that's part of the problem? I suspect that maybe Vegas is running out of memory? I have a brand new quad-core with 2GB RAM. I tested rendering small loop regions of the video without any problems.

    If I can't solve this problem - does anyone know of any software that can 'add' two WMV's together without re-rendering them (i.e. NO change/decrease in image quality), creating one WMV with a seemless transition between the two original videos??

    Thank you very much for your help guys,

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    What happens if you render to uncompressed avi ?
    Does it get stuck at %51 ?
    If it does, then it's about 02:30 on timeline if your whole project is 05:00.
    What happens if you try selecting range from 2:30 to ~2:40 and render this part only?

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    I solved the problem by selecting all of the clips in the timeline together and setting them as the loop region, and then selecting 'render loop region only'.

    This is difficult to explain, but I suspect that maybe Vegas was screwing up because when I was originally organising the order of the clips I had temporarily put clips much further down the time line (i.e. 7/8 mins) and after I removed these clips Vegas still seemed to think that the project was 8 mins long, despite the fact that there was nothing on the timeline after 5 mins.

    Anyway, problem solved.
    Thanks guys.

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