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Thread: Sticking 2 videos together WITHOUT re-rendering

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    Default Sticking 2 videos together WITHOUT re-rendering

    Hi guys,

    If I've got 2 high quality WMVs, is there any software that can add these 2 files together to make 1 WMV without re-rendering (i.e. NO decrease in image quality)?

    (When I say add together, I mean add one to the end of the other so there is a seemless transition between the original two videos).

    Thanks for your help guys,

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    I never tried it in adobe premiere but you can see in import section if it accepts wmv's .

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

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    I don't use that video file format but you could try Windows Movie Maker and see if it will allow you to import those two files, I think using Adobe Premiere CS3 is a bit of an overkill, especially if you have never used it before, it has a very steep learning curve. And besides WMM is already on your computer and it's free.

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