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Thread: Rendering stuck at saving with Pinnacle 11 Plus

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    Angry Rendering stuck at saving with Pinnacle 11 Plus


    I have a problem with Pinnacle 11 Plus, and I want to know if everyone met this problem before.

    After I edited the movie I started to save as DVD 4.7G and the rendering stuck after first 3 minutes. I tried then to save as original compression to DV file. The rendering stuck at the same position, and the moment of tracking is at starting to display a text over the clip.

    Does anyone met this problem before? The movie works great in edit mode with playback.

    Another question, how can I display the picture, or the text in the movie as static, but with highest quality as original? Because any text or static photo becomes blurry.

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus and Ultimate disaster!

    What a horrible product! I have been successfully working with video for 5 years. I had Studio 8, which was satisfactory. I got a new system with lots of space and power. I run Windows XP Professional. I have spent the last 7 days trying to get this thing to render. No luck. I uninstalled, reinstalled, loaded every patch known to humanity. I rendered without even breathing. I rendered in most all formats. The last 30% of any slideshow refuses to render. Period. Support is a repetitive, cruel, circular trip to Hades. If someone paid me I would never use Pinnacle again. I am cutting my losses, and mailing the thing gratis back to the company with my opinion...not that they will ever find someone to actually read it.

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    Hi there,

    Pinnacle it's a huge software but also with a lot of bugs and problems. Don't be so angry and let me tell you the short story.

    I don't know the version 8 but I found very good the version 9.4, stable and good. Then at version 10 with a lot of improves the Pinnacle seemed to be a real crash, a lot of bugs and problems. During that time I contacted pinnacle to give them a new idea as adding sub to the movie to be possible as a stamp, because I needed for date and time. They answer me that it's not their interest this good idea.

    I can say that with version 11, a lot of bugs was fixed and if some problems exist it is because of bad codecs. The software now, at v11 starts faster but still rendering very hard any transition.

    Regarding stopping the rendering, I solved the problem. Don't export (or save) the movie until the green bar is disappeared! You have to wait all green bar to be rendered before saving.

    Pinnacle is easy to use, but still not professional and not very flexible. More hopes for next version.
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