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Thread: High Def Video Capture - Mpg or m2v

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    Am slightly confused.

    I use Adobe Premier Pro CS3 & Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate.

    I have recently bought a high def camera & am confused with the file formats each program is capturing in.

    Premiere captures the footage & gives it a .mpg extenion where as Pinnacle gives the footage a .m2v extension.

    So I'm wondering what is the difference between these two types of files & should I aim to use one over the other?

    I'd appreciate any comments, thanks.

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    Both are flavours of MPEG2 and both probably represent the bitstream image coming straight off the camera.

    Now for the bad news... Unless you have a pretty good spec PC then neither is the way to edit HDV video. You are editting MPEG2 and so the PC has to build each frame when it needs to display it. You should convert to a non compressed format and use that for editting.

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    This HD isn't fun is it?

    Okay so I get the video into the PC, what format would I be advised to convert it to, to edit it with so that once the edit is complete I can then output it as HD.

    I.E. If I'm doing a clients wedding video & they are expecting the finished DVD in High Def format then what do I output it at, and at this point lets not even get into how much high def can be stored on a standard DVD, blue ray & all that jazz!!!


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