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Thread: decadeSKATEBOARDING [again]

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    Default decadeSKATEBOARDING [again]

    Hey all, I've done another video.. This'll be my 3rd/4th video from premiere.. (or direct link[S3-Influence].wmv

    length: 3:03
    size: 20.5mb

    Feedback is welcome..
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    Default Good Job

    Very nice beautiful I liked it alot looked very professional.... I have a question on one part you had like white blurry clouds around the video how did you do that? I could use that for the dream part in my movie..

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    Thanks for the comments. I used Photoshop to do that - then imported the .psd into Premiere.

    Do you know how to do it in Photoshop?
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    I just bet some jumped up forum admin told you how to get good quality

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    iBook G4 | FCE | vx2100

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    cool video, i hate skateboarding though

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    Hah, thanks... Why do you hate it?
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    I'm guessing it's not faster enough for the quarter mile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom
    Hah, thanks... Why do you hate it?
    nah skateboarders give me a bad vibe, i dont know why. just stereotyping i guess, i saw a video of a skateboarder starting shit with some innocent guy (walking or driving along) then kicking the crap out him and it really boiled my blood. I was pretty sure he killed or permantly injured the guy. sorry for the stereotyping.

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    that real shittyto judge a whole group of people on one video of one person doing something like that. 99 percent of skaters arent the stereotype of it, they just want to skate. so chill with the stereotypes man, it wont get you anywhere in life.

    and btw dom, good job. i liked it, just chill down just a little bit with the effects... let the skating impress overall, not the effects. i liked how you edited it though
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