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Thread: Trimming HD Video with out editing

  1. Default Trimming HD Video with out editing

    Excuse my ignorance but...

    I have just got 12GB of footage into Premier Pro, I want to break this footage down into 4GB sections so I can get it onto a DVD & sent off to a client as is. I don't want the footage compressed or changed to any other format. However there doesn't seem to be any option for doing this within the Export - Movie option.

    Every option seems to be for an .avi output & as HD capture in seems to be mpeg I'm confused. Any clues anyone?

    P.S. I use avi codec to discover resolution, codecs etc on video files, but it doesn't work on mpegs, can anyone suggest something?


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    I've never tried this before but measure out 20 minute segments and that will be around the capacity of a 4.7GB DVD disc. Your pushing nearly an hour of video at 12GB, so split it into three 20 minute, or whatever time it is exactly, sections and put each section on a separate DVD. Just make sure the Timeline window is highlighted and then do an Export->To DVD and it will convert it to mpeg for DVD burning. And trimming is editing.
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    Ta for reply, yes trimming is editing I'll agree.

    What I want is to give my client the exact footage I have, but trimmed so it fits onto DVDs.

    If I pop this onto a DVD via premiere pro then a 12GB file gets compressed to around 2GB. So I just want to know how to cut the file into 20 minute segments, but all exactly the same compression, format, resolution as they are now.

    Basically. My client wants the HD footage I shot. He doesn't have any means of getting HD into his computer so sending the tapes isn't an option. 12GB is currently too big to fit onto one DVD, I need to trim it. How?

    Thanks for any further suggestions?

    But what I want to do is give my client the raw HD footage that was shot, if I Export to DVD then it will convert it down to DVD size, which whilst still Mpeg isn't HD?

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    Then export it using an HD preset .

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    Does your client live far away? If your client lived nearby then I would copy the video (entire 12GB) onto the computer hard disk and then put the file onto a portable USB hard disk, one of the chain stores is selling a 500GB drive for around £75/€99. Then take the portable hard disk to the client and connect it up to his/her computer and transfer a copy of the file across, that's one way of keeping everything together and still in HD quality, providing you select HD settings when you create the initial project in the capture software.

    If your client doesn't live nearby then you will have to chop up the 12GB file, put it all on the timeline, play it from 0 to 20 minutes, cut it and get rid of the rest, then Export movie to AVI and render that section. Then do the same for 20 minutes to 40 and from 40 to 55 or whatever is left so you end up rendering 3 separate files, each one to its own DVD. You could put the entire 12GB on one DVD but it would be compressed and defeat the purpose.

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    I'm aware I can render the file to avi but it I found that solution very time consuming & strange, you can edit all video files without having to render them 1st so I don't see why HD should be any different.

    It's a shame I couldn't just cut it in virtual dub & its a shame neither pinnacle ultimate not adobe premier pro would allow mt to output the file without conversion, however asking this question on another forum led me to Elecard XMuxerPro which did the exact job I wanted.

    I trimmed 20 minute segments, took about 2 mins to trim each bit & then had my 12GB clip into DVD size which I can now get sent to the client.

    Thanks for your help here

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    I missed something because you could do it with adobe premiere . The conversion used with the right preset won't be seen by your eyes or your client .
    And whenever you export a video there's always a small conversion, it is just too small and we don't noticed it .

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    Ahh but the question is how to you do it with Adobe.

    The HD input file was mpeg, there is no option in premiere to output to an mpeg?

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    Yes there is .

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