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Thread: typewriter effect sony vegas

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    Default typewriter effect sony vegas

    In Sony Vegas, is there an easier way to get a typewriter effect, with each letter appearing on the screen from left to right, other than keyframing each one individually?

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    If you have Vegas Pro 8, it's easily accomplished with ProType Titler.

    If not, possibly quicker than your suggestion is to have the text on one layer and a layer above which hides it. Keyframe that layer to move to reveal one letter at a time.

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    If you have seven I have a VEG file I can send you that achieves this, you need to use the pan/crop.

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    sure if you don't mind sending it to my email.

    (fijbert at hotmail . com) <-- edited.... hope this is okay.

    I am using version 7,
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    fijberto? Yah may wanna break-up your e m a i l addie as the bots are about and can sniff this kinda thing at 2 metres!!


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    lol thanx for the heads up
    well just in case

    my email address is fijbert at hotmail dot com


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    You should have editing your first post.... email's still there for all to see.

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