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Thread: Pal and NTSC any different on PC?

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    Default Pal and NTSC any different on PC?

    i have read up on PAL and NTSC and know the difference between them but i what i dont know is that once the video is transferred to my pc whether it will be any different. I live in England and im thinking about buying the sony DCR - SR200 camcorder from america, i wont be playing back any footage on a TV. What problems will i get, thanks.

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    Regardless of whether there will be any problems playing back footage, have you looked into whether or not the warranty that comes with it covers getting it fixed in England? If it develops a fault or you accidentally drop it and need to get if fixed will you have to pay for it or will the American warranty cover it?

    I'm not 100% certain but you may need to check up and see if American warranties cover living in the EU. The camcorder will indeed shoot in NTSC format but as most modern tv's etc have both PAL and NTSC playback there should be no problems there. The PAL screen is slightly bigger than the NTSC screen in Standard Def video so you may get black bands at the top and bottom of the screen and there may be subtle colour differences.

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    thanks for your answer, as far as i know there is no warranty...but im willing to take the risk as the camera is half the price. Ive also been looking at the hdr cameras and found that none of them say anything about PAL or NTSC, does that mean that it is irrelavant?
    thanks again

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