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Thread: I need your recommendation!

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    Default I need your recommendation!

    I'm looking for a program to convert DVDs to videos that can be transferred to the iPhone. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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    Dvdrip and then super .

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    This thread look ssuspciouly like someone asking a "how to rip" questions and then reregistering themselves just to answer it as an attemp to plug a specific web site. As such I am going to remove the link.

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    If you have authorization or if your dvds are not legaly protected that you can try to import the vob files into adobe premiere by changing the vob extension into mpg and then convert it to iphone, check the box that says "device central" or something like that and a window will pop up in your screen with some iphones models so you can watch your footage .

    ps : This was just a brief, it's a litle more that this but if you already know premiere you'll get there easly.

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    VĂ*deo Digital
    Visit my portuguese blog :

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