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    heres 2 videos me and my friend made. ENJOY!
    myspace us if you'd like. - Eight50Films - 18 - Male - PANAMA CITY, Florida -

    Yogurtman YouTube - Yogurt Man

    Working For The Weekend YouTube - Working for the Weekend

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    I liked yoghurt man.

    The 'in the fridge' shots especially. (And out of fridge: the reverse angle cuts I thought were good)

    Now I know whether the fridge light actually does go off when the door is shut.

    Most of the 'stunts' looked quite effective and the pacing was fairly quick.

    It made me smile. Which is a good thing.

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    thanks for the comment really appreciate that we have a new video up if you wanna check that out
    its right here YouTube - Chef's Special

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    Yogurt Man is very funny, made me laugh especially the fight sequence. It was very well executed, pardon the pun. The shots inside the fridge,especially showing the SPAM, reminded me of Monty Python, great soundtrack during the fight scene again, how long did you spend setting that up? What was the point of the fake moustache? I liked the Jackie Chan style out takes at the end aswell, overall very funny and entertaining.

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