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    I have a monthly family poker session and me and my bro have a huuge bet on whether I could film the game and put it on a DVD slickly like the World Series of Poker clips you see on tv. (By the way I am an amatuer and have never filmed or edited anything in my life but lets just say I have a hell of a lot of free time!!!!)

    So.. I guess I would need to film the game from a couple of angles to get all the players in? yes?
    • Next, he wants to see everyones cards when we whatch the vid. So I am guessing I will need to buy 10 Miniture Camera's and the players can show their cards to the miniture camera... (any decent recommendations on what to buy???)
    • Then i'll want to edit the filming, cut and shut sorta stuff showing hands what expression so n so made when he bluffed with nothing we didnt get to see his cards. (Whats the best software for this???)
    • Then i'd like to add some simple animation on the left hand side of the screen showing player name, his cards - may even a picture of them that I can crack out on some software and then bet value underneather. (would this be the same software as above?)
    • Then maybe add some stopid commentry to the filming so its not soo boring to whatch, you know just like whatching football on sky sports interactive with the fans commentating.
    They are basically the key things I would like to do. I have loads of spare time and my pride at stake and I must win this bet! my poker reputation depends apon it!! haha...

    Please help me!!!!


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    You don't need 10 miniature cameras unless you have the budget to buy them or the crew to operate them. The only way to do it is to move the camera from person to person showing each of their hands (I thought the first rule of poker was not to show your hand?) so why does your brother want to see everyone's hand?

    If you cannot stop the action or control it (I presume it's a real game and therefore you can't shout CUT every few minutes - or can you - while you set up the next shot) then you will have to just move around the players as quietly and as unobtrusively as possible.

    Download a 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere Elements 3 or 4 and that will allow you do all the things you want, the 30 days should be long enough for you to capture, edit, add graphics, maybe some music (copyright free if you intend to show the video outside your home) and then burn it to DVD. I don't know about it being 'slick', as this is your first time to produce a DVD, treat it more as a learning the ropes exercise.

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    Thanks very much, I will check out Premiere Elements and let you know how I get on!!

    I have the budget to buy the ten miniture camera's and trruuussttt me winning the bet will more then cover the down payment on them!

    Anyway, I was hoping to set them up next to each players seat and have them recording non stop for about 2-6 hours, with each player showing their cards to their specific miniture camera.

    Then when we whatch the DVD back hopefully I can layout out the different screen shots, with active players and cut to their mini cam showing their cards, then cut back to the gambling with the cards showing on the left hand side of the screen with some animation and text tracking the betting.

    (You get me? Or should I post a link here from you tube to try an emphasize what i'm after?)

    And Yes obviously the point during poker is to not let on what you have, but it should be enjoyable to whatch our game over and being able to see who folded what and who played with trash!

    So given that I have the funds for the mini cams, what would you recommend?

    Also how would the recording on the mini cams work in this scenario?

    Really appreciate your assistance!



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    If you have the time then...

    Rather than having a camcorder next to each player: Cut holes in the table 4" (10cm) x 10" (25cm) in front of each of the players. Fit this with a piece of glass (preferably non-reflective) such that the players lay their cards face down on this glass. You might want to put a "modesty board" about 2-3 iches high in front of this so that the other players have no chance at all of seeing the cards. Place the cameras (all ten of them, wow, you really do have a budget) under the table. That way the "technology" isn't so in-yer-face and the players won't constantly feel that someone's looking over their shoulder.

    Quick & Dirty lighting? A Chinese lantern suspended over the middle of the table.

    With a bit of effort you'll get the table and faces lit well with the background dark. This way the camera crews moving about won't be a distraction on screen or to the players.

    If you want to know how to light it so that it'll look grrrrrreat, then spending a bit on a Lighting Director is a good investment!
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