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Thread: High Def capture queries in adobe & pinnacle

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    I'm getting confused with the capture process of high def footage. I'll explain & maybe someone can help.

    I shot the footage with a Sony HVR V1 in high def mode.

    When I come to capture it in my PC via firewire, in Pinnacle Ultimate I have the following options.

    Pal Standard
    Pal Widescreen
    Pal Progressive
    Pal Progressive Widescreen
    HD 1280x720/25p
    HD 1280x720/30p
    HD 1440x1080/50i
    HD 1440x1080/60i
    HD 1920x1080/50i
    HD 1920x1080/60i

    I'm not sure what I should select in Pinnacle.

    In Adobe Premiere CS3 I don't get any option to change anything.
    I select Capture - Settings & change Capture Settings to HDV Capture.

    Then in Project Settings - General I have the following settings which are all greyed, ie can't be changed.

    Editing Mode: DV Pal
    Timebase: 25.00 frames/second
    Frame Size: 720 horizontal 576 vertical 16:9
    And some other stuff.

    So as far as I understand 720x576 doesn't equate to high def?

    Can someone take a bit of time to explain to me, it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi, you also have to choose the same options or close in adobe premiere, you do that when you start a project, you have to choose the preset you want to want .
    Then you have to read your camera manual to know wich preset to use .
    Gonna give you an example i have a hv20 and ir allows me to shot in different modes,if i shot in normal high definiton i would choose HD 1440x1080/50i, cause i know it shoots in1920x1080/50i but stores in tape as 1440x1080, if i shot in 24p then i would choose 1440x1080/50i if i shoot in dv mode and widescreen then i would choose Pal Widescreen if i choose 4:3 then i would choose Pal Standard and so on .
    Hope i could help .

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    Thanks for reply, see I thought High Def was a standard, I didn't realize it could have lots of variations???

    Having checked my manual I now follow, thanks

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    You're welcome

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