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Thread: One set of effects on multiple Clips

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    Default One set of effects on multiple Clips

    I'm using Adobe Premeire Pro v7.0 and I have a dozen short clips (that will be happening one after another, in one video) that I want to have the same video effects (ie the same cropping, position, scale.) While it would be possible to set the effects to each on individually, if there's a way to set the effects on one and then copy them to all of the other clips, that'd be wonderful.

    (and I'll be doing this kind of thing often... so know what the trick is would be REALLY helpful.)

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    er... well I figured you can copy/paste the effects over, but if there's a quicker faster way I'm still all ears.

    And another issue: If I have one clip that runs from (let's say) 1 minute to 2minute, but I don't want it to appear from 1:30 to 1:35, is there a way to make is disappear for those 5 seconds instead of having to end the clip at 1:30, and then re-inserting the same clip again at 1:35?

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    Premiere Pro right?

    Put all your small clips together in a single sequence. Render your sequence if necessary.

    Start a new sequence and from your list of project assets drag and drop your original sequence onto your new timeline. You can now edit it in any way you see fit as though it was a single 'asset' - which it now is!

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