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Thread: Contemporary Royalty Free Music DVD-ROM Collection

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    Default Contemporary Royalty Free Music DVD-ROM Collection

    Equinox Sounds is a company dedicated to sell loop libraries for musicians and royalty free music tracks and music loops for multimedia producers. We are focused in contemporary music styles like Ambient/Chill Out, New Age and Dance.

    Due to customers demand, we are now offering our entire catalogue of music tracks and music loops compiled on a DVD-ROM and shipped to you free of charge for just $100. Below is the link to our online shop where you will be able to listen all of the music that is included on this huge collection.

    Ambient, Chill Out & New Age/Neo-Classical Royalty Free Music Library

    If you are interested in buying this DVD-ROM or have some questions, please email us at or send us a PM.
    Royalty free music tracks and music loops for multimedia use.
    Equinox Sounds

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    What are you offering that I couldn't get elsewhere on a 100 other websites?

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