I've just started my weekly video podcast reviewing DVDs and Blu-Rays and am looking for constructive feedback. The first edition can be viewed here:

Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0, camera Sony PMW-EX1

I can see a couple of problems.

The lighting is dire. I used an open window and tried to balance this a little with a Zylight. Unfortunately space is much too cramped to use the "real" lights I have, but I'm disappointed at how the Zylight appears to have little or no effect, despite it almost blinding me while recording. The light that is visible is all from a window on the opposite side of my face.

My presentation style is also a bit "wooden" and narration is a little dull. I'm booked on a "TV Presenter's course" in a week or so's time to try and fix some of that.

There's a messy jump cut where I was running out of time and just couldn't be arsed to re-record/re-edit things.

But apart from those - which will take time to fix - what else doesn't work?

Thanks in advance, for any feedback.