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Thread: help me please, I need some help !!!

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    Question help me please, I need some help !!!

    Hey Folks,

    I need some help.

    I have recently been filming a conference for work, but it has come time to edit, and the software won't let me.

    I have filmed using a Canon DC10 on Mini DVD (2gig), the computer software I have attempted to use, and I have tried 3 now, Movie Maker for Windows, Premiere Pro/Adobe, Roxio.

    Now none of these will let me edit anything, not even load them on my computer, they all say file not found or does not suppport such files.

    What am I doing wrong ? How do I load them into my computer for editing ?

    What I can do is; burn them straight to DVD and I can watch them on my computer using ASUS DVD.

    Any suggestions or other software I can use to get the job done, it dosen't have to look good but just look presentable.

    Take it easy,

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    Have you finalised the discs in the camcorder before putting them into the DVD drive on your computer? You need to do this before the computer can 'see' the files and allow you to work with them. None of that software you list will allow you to open or edit mini DVD files (not so sure about Roxio, try it again after you've finalised the discs) but more than likely you will need some conversion software such as Super C or try STOIK Video Convertor 2, do a search on Yahoo or Google to find them.

    Mini DVD files are awkward to work with to say the least. If none of that works then download a 30 day trial of Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 8 and see if that works or post again on the Sony Vegas section of the forum, where you will find more info and help.

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    Thanks Nikosony, will try that conversion software first, then if all else fails will try the Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 8 free trial.



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