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    Hello, I am 17 years old and just started getting into video editing and stuff can you please tell me how I can improve these movies i know they look real bad lol

    Oh yeah and another thing is it possible to do Blue Screen on a older digital camera or does it take away to much color or something? because im about to get into that but those things are expensive so i wanna know first.


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    On the off-chance that someone other than Marc may reply I'll chip in...

    It will not reallymatter which camera you choose to do your bluescreening. More important will bethe software you choose to implement it on your PC or Mac.

    I've not tried bluescreening but I understand it is quite an artform tbh. You will need a well lit blue (or whatever colour you actually choose). you need to stand far enough in front of it not to cast any shadows.

    Getting an average effects is quite easy but it's the edges of your subject that are supposed to cause all the grief.

    I'm downloading the frst of your movies now. I'll get back to you if I feel I have somethign to say.


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    Ok. Just watched part 2 but not seen part 1.

    Looks like you had great fun making that.

    My only real comment is a general point. Get youself a decent tripod for doing this kind of thing.

    In some of the shots there is noticable camera wobble from the dude holding it and sometimes the camera even falls off the subject a shade. i.e. can see above the subject but feet are cut off.

    Were the children giggling part of the movie? Seemed disjointed from the movie to me. Maybe you should have lost the volume for that bit.

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    Default Tripod

    We used a tripod in the 3rd one and you dont wanna see the first one thats all we gotta say about it.

    If your wondering where the alien is in the 3rd one he got arrested for dealing drugs.

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    Hi Jim,
    A little more character development seems in order. Even if it is just through a narrated voiceover at the begining. For example, who are the three characters other than the old man and alien? Maybe you established the characters in the first part??
    I found it a little hard to hear what the characters were saying. Assuming you don't want to dub in the sound after the fact perhaps you may want to have your actors closer together which will allow you to get the camera a little closer to them, and perhaps keep the action during speaking parts a little more subtle (more like the start of part 3 on the bed). Perhaps you may want to turn down or pause Carl Orff during the speaking parts.
    Found the dream bubble and the other special effects pretty cool.

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    Default lol

    I should be in hollywood doing special effects for the new Matrix movie or something.

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    Default :(

    im guessing no one likes my movie i should just quit forever

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    Default Re: :(

    Quote Originally Posted by mamaluke
    im guessing no one likes my movie i should just quit forever
    try not to have that attitude. It's always easier to identify 'faults' in someone elses work than than identify what's right. Human nature.

    Anyone here who might decode to offer some dritique is going to do it on a technical basis, suggestion of using a tripod.

    You made the movie for yourself so the audience you have to impress with subject matter is only yourselves.

    I thought you special effect swere really good actually. I had to rewind and watch one part a couple fo times before I saw the cut, making the people disapear behind the 'effect'. good job.

    "never give Up, never surrender!" Quincy taggart. Galaxy Quest.

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    The ultimate question anyone in the service industry should ask is, "is the client happy?". In this case, you and your mates are the client. If you're happy with the end product and had fun making the short, then you've done a good job!

    Your film was a tad ambitious. Maybe spend (a lot) of time practicing all the basics/fundamentals in "mini" projects. Eventually, once you've scripted a short, you'll be able combine all you've learned into film.

    It's all about practice, learning new techniques and having fun
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    Default uh-huh

    Good first attempt - you made that more for you than for anyone else and that is fine.

    I enjoyed it for what it was supposed to be, I got the kids laughing as they hop away bit in part 2 - but for the most part it made NO SENSE - take that as a sign of respect as I am not sure I cold possibly top it in the non-sequetor department.

    Do you really want feedback on the technical?
    here's a little:
    1) When characters are speaking from in masks where the lips are not moving do it in voice over (ADR) in post production
    2) In the opening scene of 2 there are two back to back shot of a character running towards the camera. When you do this it kind of confuses the audience as they don't get perspective - intermix a running at the camera with a running away or better yet a passing the camera, or a close up to reset the scene for the viewer

    1) Make it make sense damn it!

    Oh and awsome job - keep it up you would be amazed where a little practice from home can get you. I wish I had started this xx years ago like you - look forwards to seeing a future work at a film festival!
    The tale of my death has been greatly exagerated

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