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Thread: Need Help With Sony Dcr - Dvd110e

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    Default Need Help With Sony Dcr - Dvd110e

    Hi everyone,

    i am here to ask all of you about my camcorder which is " Sony DCR - DVD110E ". I want to know that why do i get a problem of playing the video file on my computer and the file only come up sometimes. i am using a memory stick for recordings please help me to solve this problem!

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    i have the same camcorder. i found that the only player that works is the VLC player.

    you can download it here: VLC Media Player - Download

    and its free.

    i also use sony vegas and it lets me transfer the files straight in with no problems.

    i dont know why they only come up sometimes. i always transfer the file onto my computer from the memory stick. it works fine once its on my computer.

    hope this helps.



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    have u tried to use the dvd? like transfer video from the dvd to ur computer

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    no i havent tried it. i havent bothered because the memory stick that i have is just as big as any dvd and i can use the memory stick over and over with out having to replace it.

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    what's the size of your memory stick ? and if i have a memory stick how do i use it and all i got to do is just plug the usb cable from my camcorder to my computer and a sort of folder will pop up ?

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    i have a 2gb memory stick. i think you can put upto 8gb in. you can get it from ebay or any camera shop. it uses a Memory Stick PRO Duo. if you open the lcd viewer there is a slot which says memory stick on it. you put it in and you can just connect the usb lead and transfer straight to your computer. a folder will come up. you just copy and paste.

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    how can i set up the memory stick to be working please i got a 1gb memory stick

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    you open the lcd view finder. there should be a little flap that has produo on it. thats where you put the memory card. on the card there should be an arrow and one of the corners should be missing on the card. thats the end you what to put the card in. slide it in and it will click. close the flap.

    on the lcd view finder there is a square with a house on it in the top left corner. press that.

    then press movie media set.

    then press memory stick.

    then press yes.

    then ok.

    that should be it. you are now set up for using the memory stick for photos and video.

    hope this helps.



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    hi all.

    i have brought some dvd's for my camcorder. i have been trying to transfer the video on to my computer. so far the only way i can is to use the software that i got with the camcorder and import the files.

    i did try conecting the camcorder with the usb but that didnt work. in the end i put the dvd into my computer and then ran the import files program. it takes a little longer but it works.

    my advise to all who have this camcorder is get a memory stick. its quicker and easier. i think you can get upto 8gb for the camera which is alot.

    i will update as i learn.


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    Do you find that using the memory stick to put your videos onto is better than using mini dvd's? If you do, doesn't that beg the question, what is the need for the dvd part of the camcorder? I haven't used a mini dvd camcorder but reading your earlier posts they would suggest you can get video onto and off the memory stick a lot easier than with the mini dvd's.

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