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    It's so close to the weekend, you can almost feel it!

    I bet it's been a while since you filmed something? Why not take the opportunity to get out in the glorious Summer sunshine (it's gonna be hot, hot, hot over here in Blighty), and film some of that summer atmosphere! Maybe some chilled action in the park? Perhaps an impromtu game of football, a hectic game of beach volley ball or maybe the delights of a lazy BBQ.

    Whatever takes your fancy, take the opportunity to practice those filming techniques. Who knows, you may even get enough footage together to enter into the "home movies" section of the video contest!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    All the best
    Marc, Video Editing Forums
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    Yeah, video some action in the park....

    ...and get arrested for catching someone else's kids on camera without permission. What is the World coming to?

    I can't even video my kids' football matches because of this. I'm gutted!

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