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Thread: Please can someone help with Camcorder purchase - I have got lost in the net

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    Arrow Please can someone help with Camcorder purchase - I have got lost in the net

    I will be using this for multiple uses. Capturing cooking in the mountains, Biking events (both as rider and spectator (pedal bike downhill and general scenery)) and Gigs again as a spectator and performer.

    I have done too much research (or so it feels to me) and I am frustrated with what seems ever changing goal posts.

    Quite simply, I don’t feel I have decided on any specific type of camcorder I thought HDDrive and would like it to be an HDef one.

    I would need the option of having an external set of AV inputs (so in time I can get a helmet cam (but this is not a imminent purchase))

    I started to look at the Sony HDR-SR10, to begin with it seems perfect but I then saw it does not feature the AV input's.

    My other main concern was the fact the additional listed battery works for just over 6hrs, there are times when I would need to have about 24 hours, but then there is the issue with the HD capacity (I will be out and not anywhere near power source)

    Then in addition to the battery, I read and learnt they have some battery management and as a result these are no longer being successfully made and reliable by third parties. Thus looking at immense monies for a few extra batteries.

    After reviewing this, I looked at the JVC GZ-MG365 60gb, not HD and then again no AV inputs.

    I need to pin this down ASAP, I my family are of to the US, they used to live their so they know where to go and get anything. My budget including batteries is a MAX of $1000 however if it is at all possible I would be more happy looking at $800 (I translate this to half when looking at £’s)

    I have been into shops looking for advice but often faced with a blank look when I describe my use and desires.

    Can anyone help with a few options?

    I have trawled the internet but don’t seem to have any luck even finding a suitable comparison site.

    Is it best I go for HDef and HDrive or am I jumping on this too early? Perhaps I should look at a tape based recorder. Even then I am getting stumped.

    Any help and pointers will be greatly appreciated. This is my first purchase; I have no friends into this kind of thing so really looking to use someone’s expertise.


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    I dont feel i have ever researched anything so hard in my life!

    I think the Cannon HV30 is going to do everythign i need it to.

    Is anyone able to comment on this regarding my blurb above?

    So far I have read and understood it to be

    - HiDef (and tape based to thats good for my recording hour issues)
    - Takes third party batteries
    - Has Video input (but need some advice on this, i dont understand the connection it states - will this be workable with the headcams on offer?
    - Takes external Mic (again need a bit of advice, i am worried it takes only the addiotnal Mic attachments they sell, is this right?)

    I guess additionally, if i do get it from the US, how does that work with warrenties?

    Finally, i see some other lenses are on offer for this and also ready (cant find page) about a fish eye lense, can this not be replicated in the editing suites? Are there any advantages of shooting with this lense in the first instance.

    Thanks, Q

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