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    Smile Sanyo Xacti

    Hello guys.
    This is my second post and im happy to be a member of your forum
    So...since summer is closing fast i was thinking of buying a camcorder to record all those precious moments that until now i wished i had.
    In more details,i need a camcorder that will be used in dry and wet environment.By wet environment i mean underwater,so there needs to be an underwater casing for it.Furthermore,i need it to be small sized and most important, i need to see what i shoot when diving.
    While looking around in a diving forum,i came across Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2 and VPC-HD700 which seem perfect for me.
    Since im a total newbie though, i cannot explain the difference in price between these two camcorders.At first i thought there should be a difference in resolution but even on the official website i cannot find any.
    Has anyone got any knowledge on these camcorders?

    Thanks a lot, Theo

    ps:im attaching the specifications of Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2 and VPC-HD700.
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