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Thread: Vegas great effects but rubbish at rendering

  1. Default Vegas great effects but rubbish at rendering

    I am finding i am using smaller and free programmes more and more especially when its just simple editing. this is because I am tired of getting video to look great then I render it and choose a standart setting which should therefore be compatible i.e. I choose PAL for vcd as i want to burn some clips to a cd. However when I reload the files in another prog. and I have tried several - they all tell me it is not compatible for VCD as it is above 1150 kbit sec or they tell me the sound is not at the required standard for VCD etc WHY does vegas offer so called standard settings and then deliver none standard incompatible results!
    I have ver7.0

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    Default audio muted when I render

    I use Sony Movie Studio Platinum Edition 8.0. When I render my video to .avi for use with windows media player, everything is fine, except the audio is muted. I have gone to the custom rendering button and made sure that audio is selected, and when I play the video in sony vegas it is audible. Why is this? How can I fix this? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP...I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT FOR A WEEK.


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    No Audio when played in WMP

    I know, but please ensure your WMP is NOT muted. Just a thought .. .

    Also, if you are adapting the existing AVI render template do you think you are possibly altering the Audio profile in a way that WMP can't recognise it?

    Also, as this is a wee bit different to the original poster, you might get more response if you started a new thread? It can get confusing too.


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