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Thread: Photo video soft effect

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    Default Photo video soft effect

    I dont know how to explain but i try.
    I have some pics in my video, these pics are soflty moving from left to right or viceversa, zoom in zoom out, etc...
    I want apply a professional soft effect to the pics cause is a romantic video (lol).
    Cause viewing normal pics moving is a bit cold.
    There is a tutorial?
    Thank you.

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    I don't know about tutorials but if you add warm colours and a romantic music along with it, it will look nice for sure .

    VĂ*deo Digital

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    Warm coulour is not enough.
    I found something similar here:
    YouTube - Tutorial: Soft Focus Effect.
    is near but that's isn't still the effect i want.

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    Try these 2 Sony FXs

    * Gaussian Blur Fx

    * Glow Fx

    Warning! Hand around the handkerchiefs before viewing ... it's so romantic .. I just wanna weep .. don't yah just love ( sniff sniff) a happy ending!


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    thank you i will try

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