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    Default 30 Second Poker Commercial

    This is my first video. I created for a competition held by Card Runners. The winner gets a seat at this years World Series of Poker (wish me luck).

    I would really love some feedback. I really didn't have a clue what I was doing and just went with what I thought looked good.


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    I think it's pretty well edited, man. The only problem with youtube is that it cuts the last second off of your the critical end slogan "what's your edge" gets cutoff to "what's your E-"

    Always leave hangtime at the end of your videos. But I dig the script - the lawyer, the mother, the waitress, the student. Pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Przytula View Post
    I really didn't have a clue what I was doing and just went with what I thought looked good.
    It certainly looked good to me, too and I wouldn't have had a clue you didn't have a clue.

    The quarter-face B/W immediately draws attention and the line "You don't know me" just adds to that. But you only have a very short time to work with so you immediately give clues (no time for the audience to get fed up guessing - it all works in your favour). I agree with SSSekuence, the lawyer, mother, waitress, student line and accompanying shots is a great idea. As is the sign of "but maybe one day you will".

    Personally I think it needs a pause there for impact - maybe leave the visuals but cut the v/o until "Cardrunners dot com. What's your edge"

    If I'm really picky, the drink can representing endorsement deal didn't look convincing - even as a graphic (the text towards the bottom of the can needed some perspective).

    Great ad. Hope you win - I'd love to see anything that beats it.

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    Nice Job. Looked good all the way through and the v/o had class.

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