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Thread: DVD Architect and Vegas Markers

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    Both the documentation (such as it is) for Vegas 8 and DVD Architect 4 say that I can insert a marker in a Vegas project and it will appear when the rendered file is added to DVD Architect. As far as I can tell as long as "Insert I-frames at markers" is checked before the file is rendered, I should be able to use DVDA's Load Markers and the markers will appear in the DVDA timeline.

    That's about all the documentation has to say on the subject, but I've tried about 5 times and the markers don't transfer to DVD Architect.

    Anybody seen this and solved it?


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    I found the answer -- just select "Include markers in file" when rendering! Very simple.

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    There is also a script that allows you to send the Markers separately, so if you adjust them or correct them, you can use that script, go to DVD-A and open the clip in the time line and then import the chapters

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