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Thread: Canon XM2 problems

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    Default Canon XM2 problems

    Just borrowed a Canon XM2 from uni to film a project. Hasn't come with the manual, and have no idea how to playback the footage on my mac or on the camcorder itself. There does not seem to be playback controls on the camera. I've tried to connect it in imovie with no luck. Can anyone help. Thanks

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    i take it nobody knows the answer. i don't have the remote for it so am i to assume it can't be operated without it.

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    Every camcorder has some kind of playback controls usually hidden under a fold out screen or on the camcorder body somewhere. How have you tried to connect it to iMovie? Do you have a Firewire cable, I don't own and have never used that particular camcorder but I presume it has a Firewire socket somewhere on it. Do a search on Google for info about it or you may be able to find an online manual in .pdf format that you can download. Does your uni not have an AV department, with a tech section? Surely someone in there could help you out?

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    The play back controls are under a rigid flap on the top of the handle (behind the mic and record/zoom button).

    The switch to jump between record and playback mode is on the body directly underneath.
    The firewire socket is under a soft flap on the right hand side of the battery on the back of the camera.

    imovie will see, and control, the XM2 when it's plugged in and in playback mode.
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