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Thread: unable to edit credit roll vegas 8

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    Default unable to edit credit roll vegas 8

    I added a credit roll with a list of names using the generayed media. When I click on the generated media icon, and then select the edit generated media, no dialog box opens but it looks like something is minimized in the project media or media generator box opened at the bottom. Even in a new project I get the same. Is there some type of setting? I was able to edit the credit roll when I added to the project originally
    Thank you

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    If you wish to edit the text in media generated text, you need to click on the top right icon on the generated media, it should open up a box you can edit the text.
    Id what opens is as you describe above then try double clicking on the top bar of the minimised item

    A copy of the media is in the project folder.

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    when I double click, it gets minimized and seems to go to the toolbat on windows, next to the start button.

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