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Thread: Is this fast enough

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    Default Is this fast enough

    Hi guys, as im new to all of this, can someone tell me if my PC is fast enough for video

    AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core 5600+ mmx 3DNow
    3072MB ram
    running XP

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    What type of video are you looking to use, is it standard definition or high definition? If it's standard definition then you have a good enough pc. Does it have one hard disk or two? Two are usually better. One for the OS and other programs and files and the second drive is exclusively for video capture and nothing else. How much free space does your hard disk have remaining on it? You need to defragment it a lot more now when working with video and switch off things like screensavers and antivirus software especially during the capture stage. Does your computer have a Firewire socket if you intend to use Mini DV?

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    The PC will have firewire by the weekend, it only has 1 hard drive which is 300gig, ive got 270 spare, but i also have a portable one which is 160 gig
    Im only using it for standard definition at the moment, not to bothered about becoming the next Spielberg.

    cheers for you help

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