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Thread: Computer freezes and Project File gets corrupted

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    Default Computer freezes and Project File gets corrupted

    I am working on a clip 1 hr long (Premiere6.0) and several times my computer froze when i was backing the cursor. Few times I was able to open the project back but now (after I almost finished) it says that the project file was created with newer version of AP.

    I cleaned and defragmented my HD, reloaded Premiere, started again. Program froze again quite early into new project and now when trying to open project it gives me message "Unable to open that file because it is either locked, write-protected or corrupted".

    Any bright ideas? I am out of them.....

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    That's why we have a thing called backups,lol.
    But now serious are you sure you don't have 2 versions of adobe premiere installed in your computer ? I would probably uninstall it and install it again and see how it works .
    It may have some corrupt file also check indeed if your files aren't write-protected by some how .

    Hope you can owrk that out .

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    Thanks for reply. No I have just one version....but somewhere on the board I read that AP automatically saves the backups to archive folder. This saved my bacon!!! For whatever the reason I was able to finish the job without any problems when I retreaved project from archives.
    thanks again

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