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    Sorry to sign up and ask for help straight away, but I am confused and desperate!!

    I need a camcorder to use for filming horses indoors - friends having lessons, jumping at shows etc. so light is going to be low as most places use fluorescent some use halogen. I will be doing some outdoor as well, but thats not going to be a problem!

    I need to do up to 50-60 mins at a time, possibly 5 hours in a day, and be able to download to the computer or (preferably) copy direct to disc as well. Times are maximum usage, but I thought it best to allow for more rather than less!

    Battery would need to be pretty strong I would imagine although I could have a spare and recharge one while using the other.

    Budget is around 600

    I have looked on Jessops, PC World, and other sites, but I have just ended up confusing myself even more and I don't trust salesmen in shops to reccomend the best for me rather than best for their profit

    Thanks for any advice

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    If you are only looking to copy to disc (I presume DVD?) then I was going to suggest a mini dvd camcorder but as you want to do an hour long recording and maybe a few recordings each day, then I would suggest a hard disk camcorder. You won't have to buy tapes or discs as the internal hard disc does all the recording for you. Having said that, you will have to keep an eye on how much time is left on the disc and will have to copy the video either onto a laptop or desktop computer (using a USB cable) at some stage in order to free up more space on the camcorders hard disk.

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    Thanks, I will look at some today now I know what type to go for

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