Big Problem With Timecode And Batchcapture, Suddenly Big Problem with Timecode and Batchcapture

I am jusing Premiere Pro and I have a big Problem with the BatchCapture.
Everything was working fine but then suddenly the timecode wasn t working properly any more.
Its like that. When I play footage from the Cam (its a HD Cam Sony HDR-HC7, and I am Capturing not in HD but in NTSC but in Pal I have the same problem now) the timecode is sometimes the same as on the camera but sometimes not.
But when I fast forward its completely different, sometimes more than 10 minutes less than the real timecode.
So if I log clips and switch to Batch, the recorded clips are completely different.
And its not stopping any more. So if it starts capturing it goes over the log endpoint and just keeps on recording for ever....
Its not a problem with the tape timecode because I was able to log and Batch this tapes before without problems.
I have done nothing. Everything worked fine and suddenly it started like that.
What can I do?
Please help me. Thanks a lot.
Best Regards