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Thread: Help wtd for cheap camcorder choice

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    Smile Help wtd for cheap camcorder

    I just need some general help, I don’t seem to be able to really find something that might suit my situation and would like to use this sites users expertise.

    I was looking into getting the Sony DCR-HC51E for fun. A nice cheap solution.

    I am thinking of getting it for Glastonbury Festival, despite it being a reasonable amount, I am willing to take the risk in it getting trashed.

    However, you can get long life batteries, yet in the UK they seem to be around £70 (and I cannot find typical hour use) yet I have found a store in the states selling the same one for a massively reduced $32.

    Am I looking in the wrong place?

    I guess a few questions.

    1. Is there a better solution for a weekends worth of video and fun
    2. Where can I get decently priced tapes and batteries (want to take two big batteries and limit recording over the weekend)
    3. Where are the best places for these (both Camcorder and Batteries)?

    I am really fishing in the dark here and not sure what I should take into account and consider.

    Looking further I found this about third party battery issues with the Sony cam - FDTBK

    Jesus, cant anything be simple?

    I liked the price of £130 for the unit, I always knew batteries and tapes would be extra. The Memory card camcorders seemed a lot more.

    Am I missing a trick, I hope I am.

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    Can an admin please delete, i have reposted and hopefully made myself more clear.

    Thanks, Q

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