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    I was looking for somewhere to get my stuff published the other day when I chanced upon a new website that could be of use to some of you, To be honest, I was fed up of being passed over by (record labels, publishing houses, t.v networks, production companies, delete as applicable) and was looking for ways to get my stuff out there all on my own.

    It turns out that is like a stripped down selfpublishing company and suits me just fine. It takes about five minutes to get started with them and they set up a store for me that takes money AND (the most useful bit) gave me the embed code for a widget that allows me to sell my (insert: comedy, writing, art, films) straight off my myspace and my facebook.

    Itís helped me start selling my work to my friends without feeling like some sort of shameless self-promoter. It just sits there on my profiles and people buy it if they like it. Iíve made a few dollars on my first day and just thought I had to tell someone else Ė I was getting so frustrated with the way these things normally work. I really think that with a little bit of friend-adding and word of mouth, the more talented amongst us could make a living just by self-publishing through sites like What do you thinkÖ?

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    I think you have an affiliation to this amazing site you stumbled upon.

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    'Shameless self-promoter' just about sums it up.

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