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    Could someboby please tell me if the graphics card would effect the quality of a finished burnt avchd made in pinnacle 11, i am using a nvidia 7200 and am wondering if i could get better quality using a new hd card withe purevideo ect:or does the card not affect the finshed avchd video burnt to a dvd.?

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    I don't think your video card will affect the quality of your render in pinnacle 11.

    But the quality of your monitoring system may influence the decisions you make during editing of colours and some fx.

    In audio, good reference speakers are key to a good mix. I expect that a reasonable monitor is important in video work.

    To continue the analogy, the graphics card is the equivalent of the amplifier in audio terms. It too is important, but only in the sense that it must send accurate information to the screen. Most modern graphics cards are quite good, i believe.

    Personally I'd save my money for a good screen. But then I know nothing.


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    I agree - the graphics card matters very little, but the monitor is very important, it should also be set up properly.

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