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Thread: Missing have of the video when previewing

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    Default Missing have of the video when previewing

    Hey guys,

    When I have a regular video just playing it runs fine. When I put a mask over it, in the background only have of the video will show up. Is there a setting that will be doing this? or is this the first time anyone has ever heard this. Thanks, Please leave responses
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    You think my computer is not powerful enough?

    Intel quad core

    dual 8800gts 1gb video memory

    4gb of ddr3 RAM


    Still looking for other resolutions

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    Sorry, i misunderstood your post and that's why i deleted my post. Anyway, You might wanna post a picture of it. It may help.

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    I'm guessing at what you mean you have "Split Screen View" turned on - this is the button immediately above the preview window with a circle in a rectangle. It is intended to show the original image in one half of the screen and any effects etc in the other.

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