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Thread: From camcorder to pc to dvd.... HELP PLEASE!!!!

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    Default From camcorder to pc to dvd.... HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Ok so first is first.. found this site by google'ing... did some reading but didnt really find what I was looking for..

    I have about 20 mini dv tapes taken on our outdated jvc minidvd camcorder..
    I want to get the videos to the pc then organize and create dvd's. In addition I want to create iso's so I can make more in the future and also keep the project files and edit it in the future if need be...

    so let me start with this.. I am a total noob but did this about 1.5 years ago...

    used adobe premier and firewire and took each tape to the computer. To which I used virtual dub and made little .avi files.. however they were still extremely large..
    then tried using ulead dvd workshop or pinnacle (I forget which) and made a dvd but it was a long process...

    I had a old computer at the time.... p4 3.0ht|2gb ram|ide hd..
    how I have a nice computer (nice to me)

    Antec 900 | XFX 780i MoBo | Q6600 | Thermaltake Bigwater SE | Corsair 620W | ocz reaper 8gb ddr2-800 | 2 x XFX 9600GT XXX | 500gb sata drive | asus sata burner

    now I need to get back to this...

    so did I do the correct process before? or is there a different way?

    can I use vista ultimate 64 and the apps it comes with to get the video to the computer? my boss said he did it... then convert the videos from .avi to .mpg for space? but keep the resolution....

    so anyone out there have a step by step guide on what software to use and what to do to get a final product?
    all help greatly appreciated...

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    Go to they have the programs you need at a low price. You can test them firts ,so for what you want try "avs video capture and avs dvd authoring" With this programs you can edit and burn your dvd's in less than 2 hours.

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